I Love Kim Kardashian in Nude…Pumps that is!

There is no celebrity that makes nude pumps look better than Kim Kardashian. These are my new obsession. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair for a while now and finally found the perfect ones for me! You can’t go wrong with these heels in any way from peep toe to closed toe to pointy toe, whatever you like. I like to pair mine with jeans, leggings, or a detailed dress whatever I’m in the mood for.
New Fashion Resolution: My black dresses will no longer be paired with black heels <3

This is my first official post in my new blog. I just felt like my readers are my friends not from any blog sit anyway and choosing from blogspot, tumblr, and xanga was too confusing. The layout is still under construction

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One Response to “I Love Kim Kardashian in Nude…Pumps that is!”

  1. Izzy&Maria says:

    Love everything nude! and nice work Rima on your website.

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